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Modern City


Global Accounting and Financial Services (GAFS), is an entity made up of a team of high-profile professionals, with extensive and proven experience in the field of services it offers and committed to solving the needs of our clients. We have a team that is not only experienced, but also committed to providing a timely and quality service, guaranteeing comprehensive attention to both the needs and concerns of our customers.


Our equipment and processes are designed so that the attention to our clients is of the best quality, seeking efficiency and effectiveness at all times, as well as obtaining sustainable solutions for our clients. We are an entity whose relationships are based on respect for our fellow men, including of course our counterparts. Highly respectful of the rights of others and the laws.


In addition to the services offered, we are able to offer other services tailored to the needs of our clients, through the creation of strategic alliances with other professional agencies or highly experienced independent professionals in the issues that our clients need to address.

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