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In addition to the services offered, we are able to offer other services tailored to the needs of our clients, through the creation of strategic alliances with other professional agencies or highly experienced independent professionals in the issues that our clients need to address.

Legal Consultant


Our legal team is a group of experienced professionals, with wide and varied experience in different fields, we provide legal services to our clients tailored to their needs regardless of whether they are people, expressly constituted or in the process of being constituted, large, medium , little. Our professionals are characterized by providing timely and high-quality services, permanently accompanying the internal and external processes of our clients, related to the cases and/or contracted consultancies.

Types of Legal Services:

  1. Judicial processes (labour, civil, administrative and fiscal)

  2. Corporate law (deed, contracts, permitting)

  3. Management of licenses, permits, registrations

  4. Advice on tax, labor and commercial matters

Servicios Legales


We have professionals who have extensive knowledge in Human Resources issues. We offer consultancies that cover the labor cycle of employees, such as the creation   and execution of the recruitment and selection process, diagnoses, preparation of regulations related to labor issues, audits of compliance with applicable laws and regulations and payroll preparation and payments. In the same way, we provide support in the disciplinary processes (discharge hearing), notice of the hearing, holding of the hearing and the final ruling.

Types of HR Services:

  1. HR Consulting

  2. Diagnostics

  3. work regulation

  4. Occupational safety and hygiene regulations

  5. Code of ethics

  6. labor audit

  7. Staff recruitment and selection

  8. Preparation and payment of forms

Job interview
Recusos Humanos
Accountant at Work


Our team of professionals in the accounting/financial area is an outstanding team, with extensive experience in each and every one of the services offered, which allows us to offer quality services, designing processes tailored to the needs or requirements of our clients. , emphasizing prevention at all times, especially in terms of risks and in this way trying to contribute to the achievement of better financial performance for our clients' businesses. The design of the service tailored to the needs of our clients allows us to provide efficient and timely services, which results in mutual benefits.

Types of Accounting and Financial Services:

  1. tax strategy

  2. financial advice

  3. Accounting

  4. financial risks

  5. Diagnosis and implementation of internal control systems

  6. Payment processes, purchases

  7. Preparation and filing of tax returns

Contables y Financieros


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